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      Hello all. My name is Rodney. I am from Las Vegas Nevada. I am currently going through the worst time of my life. My nine year old little girl, whom I have been so close with, is suffering from PAS and wants nothing to do with me. Her mother and I have been separated for over three years now and she has done everything in her power to alienate Gracie from me. All the components that I’ve read about for PA are there. She only refers to me, when speaking to our daughter, as Rodney for the past 2.5 years and she refers to her current husband of 2 years, when speaking to our daughter, as dad..She has falsely accused me of “Holding our daughter like a girlfriend or a lover” when I put our daughter to sleep, and then told the judge that it was just a miscommunication between she and her attorney and that they were not concerned and didn’t mean to make the accusation. I have not spoken to my daughter on the phone since March 13th and have only spoken to her 5 times since January 1, 2014. She once tried to get full custody in court because I bought my girls a hamster. She signed our daughter up for a swim team and pulled her out when I showed up two weeks in a row. Her mom ONLY signs her up or signs her name with her last name, not her legal hyphenated name.Her mom tells her I hurt her and speak very bad about her to everyone. And the list goes on and on. Her mother has done everything in her power to brainwash our child and she has finally succeeded. There is NOTHING I am leaving out in regards to me as a father. I’m not hiding anything or holding back info about me. I am a devoted father, who loves his kids. I have been teacher’s helper almost every Monday for years. I have a children’s Christmas Book I am self publishing that I read to her class the past two years, while she sat on my lap smiling the whole time. I received an award last year for my help in class. I’ve coached my daughter’s soccer team, changed diapers, read to her countless times, taught her to ride a bike, hit a golf ball, catch a baseball, swim and I can’t tell you how many times we’ve played ‘Shark Tank’ together. Just 5 short weeks ago, she completely decorated our whole house for my birthday and now, out of the blue, she wants nothing to do with me. The nasty emails I have received from my daughter have taken their toll on me. My family keeps telling me they are not the words of a nine year old, but everything I’ve read about PAS leads me to believe she might actually hate me right now. Below are two emails I received in the past two weeks from what is supposed to be my daughter. I never thought in a million years something like this could happen to me. I feel beaten and depressed right now. I feel like my little girl died. It’s gut wrenching and I pray the courts see this for what it truly is.

      Email 1: Hi this is Gracie and I wanted you to know that I know this has always been normal for you so I wanted to let you know that you can stop trying now and embrace the fact that I want to live with my mommy and Jason. So again you can give it up now and let me have a normal life just like mommy intended since the day I was born….., but we all know that you took a different path. I just wanted you to know that Jason has always treated me nice and respectfully and you go and lie behind my back like a big baby. I wanted you to know that you don’t have to try and make things difficult because I can assure you that you are not going to win. Please leave me alone, you are being a jerk right now and you have always been.

      Email 2: Nice try, you really think going to my school would make a difference. It makes me laugh so hard thinking that you thought you would actually see me today. I will ask one final time
      ….. LEAVE ME ALONE. We both know that i am probably never going to look at your fat ugly face agian. Stop trying, you will never win. You are the creepiest weirdo on planet Earth and if I had a choice to die or look at you I would die and go live with the devil. Remember when i used to ask you about when you pranked people when you were a teenager about like 85 years ago, ( your old ) well, I WAS GETTING IDEAS FOR YOU!!!! You are rude, mean , and a nasty man, for all I know you could have killed someone…. you know pure murder. I get stomach aches from you coming to my school, but I will never know when you will come to my school because you are a crazy person and know one can see your future because you are an unpredictable psychopath that is completely insane that doesn’t have a future or a life. You should get arrested for the things you have done. I never want to see you again you jerk. I will never be your daughter and I never have been, Jason is my real father.

      With lots of HATE,

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      Richard Thomas

      Please support Illinois HB 5425, a shared parenting bill. This is the best chance we have of ensuring children have access to both good parents. If a judge determines that both parents are good and fit then they have the first 90 days of any divorce action to come to an agreed parenting plan. If one or both fail to agree, then the non-custodial parent would get the option of at least 35 percent minimum parenting time per week ordered to facilitate even bonding. The bill as strong bi-partisan sponsors, but needs your support to pass into law. I am a co-author of the bill. Richard Thomas,

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      So sorry Rodney

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      I am so sorry, but know this she is brainwashed and those are not her words DON’T GIVE UP!!!

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      DON’T GIVE UP!!!

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