A California Appeals court reverses a trial judge who wouldn’t allow Patric as sperm donor to have any relationship with his in vitro son.

In a landmark ruling, Jason is allowed to seek legal paternity of Gus!

Today’s win is monumental.  A CA Appeals Court just reversed a trial judge who wouldn’t allow Jason to have any relationship with his son.

 Today’s reversal gives hope to parents in similar circumstances everywhere and is one more positive step in Jason’s journey to be reunited with Gus.

 The heartening ruling included this hopeful language from Judge Thomas Willhite:

“A sperm donor who has established a familial relationship with the child and has demonstrated a commitment to the child and the child’s welfare can be found to be a presumed parent even though he could not establish paternity based upon his biological connection to the child.”

Please celebrate with us in this win!  It is truly win for us all.  We ask that you share this message with as many people as you can.

Parental Alienation is real and this Child Abuse needs to END.  Help Stand Up For Gus by DONATING so that we can EDUCATE the world, help children LOVE both parents and CHANGE our laws.
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    • Slcdds
      Slcdds says:

      Jason, you are a hero and my role model. I have three teenagers that have been severely alienated. I haven’t talked with them in five years and I cannot stop fighting for their freedom. Thank you for your healing efforts.
      Steve C.

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