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Date Published: Nov 14, 2013

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Nikki Reed and Matt Damon join host of stars to campaign for Jason Patric to see the son he conceived as a sperm donor

At 25, she’s still got plenty of time.

But as Nikki Reed stepped out to fundraiser Stand Up For Gus on Wednesday night, her Twilight co-star Jackson Rathbone was plotting to ‘infect her with baby fever.’

It was an apt urging as the charity being supported was set up by actor Jason Patric, 47, after he was stripped of his parental rights over his son, Gus, four, who was conceived after the Lost Boys star had IVF treatment with an ex-girlfriend.

And the charity aims to help Jason become reunited with his estranged son.

The 28-year-old said of his beautiful colleague – who was at the West Hollywood event with her singer husband Paul McDonald, 29, – Nikki will be an amazing mom.

The father to 16-month-old Monroe, told People magazine: ‘We’re trying to infect her with baby fever so we can have an amazing kid for Monroe to play with. We want him to have a little buddy.’

Nikki is Monroe’s godmother, and admits that in some way this satisfies her yearning to procreate.

She said: ‘On the one hand it does [motivate me], because who doesn’t love a super cute, smart baby?’

‘But on the other hand, it makes me feel like any cravings I have are satisfied because I get to babysit him and be with him … Sometimes I’m like, ‘But I want this so bad!’ And other times I’m like, ‘But I get to just play with him!’’

Nikki appeared to be enjoying her feckless years at the event, and she looked great in a simple outfit of jeans, cream blazer and hot pink shoes.

She was joined at the event by a plethora of stars including Sex and the City’s Chris Noth, Kiefer Sutherland, Chelsea Handler, Mel Gibson and Sarah Silverman.

Matt Damon was probably the biggest name of the night, and he arrived with old pal Jason Patric, of ’80s Lost Boys fame.

Patric writes on the charity website: ‘Almost four years ago, I was blessed with a baby boy named Gus.  For the first 3 years of his childhood I was a consistent physical and emotional presence in his life.  My world was better in every way with Gus in it…I loved being a father.

‘But that all changed in an instant.  I was stripped of my rights as a parent.  An outdated statute meant for sperm donors was applied to me simply because Gus’ mother and I were unmarried and used IVF to conceive.

Not being able to see my son for almost a year, has been the worst pain that I can imagine. Except, when I think about little Gus, who has no idea what happened to his dada…one day his dada was there and the next he was gone.’

Patric dated Gus’s mother Danielle Schreiber off and on for around ten years.

Gus was born in November 2009 when the couple weren’t together, Patric and Schreiber got back together in 2011 and broke up again in May 2012.

He sued for parental rights but lost the case and has been lobbying the courts ever since.

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