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    tips on how to find the cheapest flight with Google Flights

    With Google Flights, the search engine giant launched a new product at the end of February 2015. High time to introduce you to this. I’ll show you how to find a cheap but comfortable flight in 6 easy steps.

    With some Internet experience, you’ll get along with this easy-to-use tool relatively quickly. Google’s flight search engine will give you just about every option you think useful. But what is the main difference to tools like Skyscanner? While the Skyscanner gets its prices from travel agencies, Google Flights accesses the airline’s platform directly. Google promises that the in-house tool can undercut any human travel agent with the cheapest flight. How does Google Flights work? I’ll show you 6 tips and tricks for using the flight search engine.

    You do not know where to fly? Search for Ireland and let yourself be surprised
    Imagine you live in Munich. Logically, you would fly to fly to the Green Island from Munich to Dublin. But could it be that if you chose a regional airport near you, you would get a real alternative? Let’s say you decide that you want to fly from Memmingen. You’re ordering Google Flights to suggest flights from there to Dublin, Cork, Shannon, Knock and Donegal.

    Flight search engine Google Flights
    Google Flights lets you see alternate routes

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    You are flexible in the date? The more flexible the better for you!
    In the search Google Flights proposes you the best price for one of your destinations. If you are flexible with the departure date – take this opportunity!

    Search flights with Google Flights
    The more flexible you are in selecting the flight date, the better your chances for the cheapest flight

    As you can see, you actually wanted to fly on Friday, July 24th. This flight is already one of the cheapest. But if you are flexible enough, you can save a few euros on departure on the following Monday!

    How to automatically save money
    Maybe you have missed on the screen before the selection of the cheapest day. No panic. Google Flights helps you here and shows you exactly the money you could save if you choose other flight data.
    google flights tricks for chaep flights

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