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    I hope my story gives you some hope.
    I met my ex online in 2003. She seemed nice but looking back the way she spoke of her family was not nice.

    We moved from Newfoundland to Ontario Canada and things seemed good. I got a job in IT and she got a job as a paramedic.
    Things seemed good. Looking back she was always fighting with her mom and very up and down all the time.

    I did not know the difference as I did not have anything long term in years and I was working all over the world and having fun.

    Anyway we had a son and shortly after my ex got depressed and wanted to move back home. My mom bought us a house in a small town and she was nice to mom but turned on her when she bought the house.

    My ex one day decided she wanted to leave for no reason. She left and there was 6 years of hell. There was anonymous texts sent to herself making me look bad, counterfeit emails, false assault charges, restrain orders, cops being called, lie detector tests,

    My son and daughter were very saucy towards me.

    I did not see my kids only at hockey events etc. From year 2 to 8 for my son and from year 0 to 6 for daughter I missed all those years.

    Somehow I found out that in 2008 my ex went to the short stay at the mental after saying she was going to kill herself and the kids. No one told me this from Child \protection.

    I emailed the minister for Child Protection in the government in 2013 and for senior social workers looked at my file when I threatened to sue if she did kill the kids.

    In September 2013 my ex said she would kill herself and the kids and then the kids were removed. My son was so scared of me and both kids went to foster care. My girl came with me right away to see me but my son hid under the bed at foster care for a week or so because he was so scared of me. I seen the kids lots after this and they stayed in foster care for around a year but I seen them 5 to 6 days per week.

    I have had the kid’s full time since August 2014 and my son told me that he was told someone died in my house, that I was murdered in South America and he will never see me again because I was dead. He told me that he was happy I was dead because of all the bad things his mom said about me, he was told I had guns in my car and I would shoot him if I have them in the car. My son blamed himself for letting his mom tell him I was bad. My son was pretty good after but my girl hit me, punched, swore at me, bit me, and really tried to break me. She is a lot more settled now. There mom had supervised access for 1 year then lost it because she broke up a child protection office in front of the kids, yelled at them, told them she was moving and swore at the saying she will see them when they are older. Then she got supervised phone calls for a while but lost that recently as well because of her mental health issues. She has been in and out of the mental in the last 18 months mostly because of calling police, child protection and friends saying she will kill herself.

    After a 6 month assessment she has been diagnosed with BPD, narcissistic traits, and dissociative states.

    I am happy I have the kids and working towards making them more and more settled every day

    I have 2 weeks of family court in May and hope I still got the kids 100%. I want the dr.s to work with my ex and if/when she gets threatened she can see the kids.

    Here are some videos I did to give some people hope. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiBhGiuHoeM


    Robert Glasco

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