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    I am the grandmother of a child whose mother is using parent alienation against my son as a means to control him. They have never been married, but my son was there the night she was born, and has had her 1-2 nights every week since she was a week old. He is never allowed two nights in a row, and if he says or does something the mother doesn’t like, she refuses to let him see his daughter. My granddaughter is now 5-1/2 and loves her Daddy but visitation still remains hostage to the mother’s mood swings or attitude on any given day. We’ve been informed by an attorney that in Minnesota, a mother’s rights prevail always, especially if they were never married. My son cannot afford a high-priced attorney, and is reluctant to “make waves” in fear she will refuse him visitation at all. I tell him that we need to fight this, the mother has already set a precedent by allowing him to be there all these years (but at her whim), and that any threats to portray him as an unfit parent are unrealistic, but the money aspect and need to stay civil have him reluctant to take this to that next step. He has an extremely lowpaying job but pays $350 a month in child support. Any suggestions?

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    Richard Thomas

    Please support Illinois HB 5425, a shared parenting bill. This is the best chance we have of ensuring children have access to both good parents. If a judge determines that both parents are good and fit then they have the first 90 days of any divorce action to come to an agreed parenting plan. If one or both fail to agree, then the non-custodial parent would get the option of at least 35 percent minimum parenting time per week ordered to facilitate even bonding. The bill as strong bi-partisan sponsors, but needs your support to pass into law. I am a co-author of the bill. Richard Thomas, NurseRichardThomas@gmail.com

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    Grandmother in Missouri – Have been denied visits with my grandson since January of this year. Would like to hear from other grandparents in Missouri or from anyone in Missouri who has been the victim of false allegations of child molestation in a custody case.

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    Jeffrey Booth

    I dedicate this poem to every parent out there who like I, am
    Going through parental alienation. I love you Login & Bronwyn.
    Daddy is here. 12/22/25

    Was That You
    I saw on the news tonight
    It gave me a horrible fright
    An SUV wrapped around a pole
    Children on stretchers
    It was a horrible site
    My thoughts wondered for a moment
    Was That You
    The phone rings late at night
    I flinch in fear, is this bad news
    Are you still here?
    I haven’t seen you for almost a year
    My dreams and thoughts are filled with tears
    They seem so real
    Was That You
    I watch a child tie his shoe
    Another plays with a truck all shinny and blue
    My mind wonders yet again
    Could it be, was it?
    Was That You
    While shopping at our local mall
    I watch a Dad walking so proud and tall
    As he held his sons hand so close and so tight
    My thoughts once again
    Wanted to believe
    Could it be, was it?
    Was That You
    Not a day goes by or a minute on the clock
    That I would not trade my life for just a 5 minute walk
    To hold your hand or wipe your tears
    Is all this Dad hopes and prays for
    This coming new year
    Who knows, maybe you will tell me
    You saw a Dad
    And you like I wondered
    Was That You

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    Jeffrey Booth

    I just read your post, and from one Gramma to another ( HUGS ). Boy do I feel your pain. What you wrote is almost identical to what my son is going through and his two beautiful children, basically held hostage in a very toxic and dangerous situation by the mother. It’s been a non stop battle from day one, and like what you wrote, since the mother has legal guardianship, the children have been used as pawns from day one, and what ever the whim of the mother is at that moment, is what happens. . The court system up here in Canada from what I have been reading, is as lacking as what Jason is going through, fighting to see his beautiful son Gus. Sad, truly sad. The only victims through all of this as I see it, is the CHILDREN. My son has spent in excess of $30,000.00 on legal fees, is now tapped out, and declaring bankruptcy. He now presents himself in court, and I must admit, that’s not a good idea as the Mom has a FREE lawyer and pretty much wins before my Son even gets a chance to speak. Without a lawyer, and from what I have seen first hand from sitting through the dozens of court days over the past 3 plus years, is you lose, and lose big time without a lawyer. What I wold like to say to you about your son, is never EVER give up. Keep fighting, keep fighting for your children like my son is doing.
    Thank you. nullk you for posting what you did, and THANK YOU to Jason for bringing this horrible form of CHILD ABUSE to the forefront. My 44 year old son, at the bedside of is son who just had his first kidney removed last year
    This picture is a picture of my son at his sons bedside at The Vancouver Children’s Hospital who has just had his first kidney removed last year at 3 1/2 years old. His second kidney is now failing and the mother who has a lawyer, has managed to block my son, from seeing his critically ill son since Oct 2013. My son waited 38 years to have children, and in the last 6 1/2 years he has seen them less than a 2 years in total. NEVER EVER QUIT FIGHTING FOR YOUR CHILDREN AND JUSTICE.

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    Thank you for your reply. Just this weekend we were forced to abandon plans to take my granddaughter on a 2-day trip to see her uncle, all because her mother was upset because my son couldn’t take her when she wanted him to (due to work conflict); so our weekend was empty without her and she was upset she couldn’t go. I wish these custodial parents could open their eyes and see the harm they are inflicting on these powerless children :( It’s heartbreaking.

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