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    One of the biggest dilemmas of a traveler is to finish his suitcase, go to the airport and discover at the last moment a delay in the flight. This does not mean that it always happens, at all. But we must recognize that it is a fact and, as you can imagine, it can happen to anyone. Because of this, Google has perfected a new tool to solve flight delays .

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    flight delays

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    This is an update of the Google Flights application , whose arguments are consolidated in the data or trends in the flights to make their predictions . But hey, do not believe that they are small things or nothing. In reality, the sources certify their affectivity and precision .

    Google Flights: how do you analyze flight delays?
    Thanks to Google Flights and this new venture, you can discover all the delays in flights by this means. Even before the airline even anticipates it.

    The update is responsible for studying these four elements fully: the location, the route of the flight, climate changes and of course, the aircraft . Likewise, linked to statistics, it proceeds to locate certain trends or patterns that have occurred in other similar situations. In all this procedure there are no external interventions of any agency.

    flight delays

    According to Google’s statements, as soon as the numbers reach at least 80% certainty in their prediction , they will be announcing it to the user shortly. And what better way to save yourself the bad times? Go ahead and try this tool and avoid delays in flights. Best of all, it’s just as cheap as the cheap Lion King tickets .

    Users, take your precautions
    Without the courage to generate a catastrophe, we want to clarify that this does not guarantee completely the reliability that you would like to obtain . There is no reason to trust in excess and to miss the flight.

    This update has as its only and main function, to warn you . It does not happen there. Thanks to a warning or an indication of subsequent events, one has the opportunity to take precautions.

    Source: google flights

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