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    Boston Artist Monica Ursino launches new release for Fathers Rights: Final Order
    featuring Jon Regul

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    Listen Here Free: http://www.reverbnation.com/monicaursino

    Purchase Here on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/monica-ursino/id53724704

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    Album Notes (see lyrics below)
    This song is about a Dad’s journey through the family court system.
    Throughout this horrendous ordeal the Dad faces a fierce battle when he presents the truth while fighting for his natural rights to be a father to his son.

    Final Order seeks to bring to light a very real and pressing need for reform the family courts. The courts today need to take a fresh look at what is truly in the best interest of the child. From what I have seen and heard, it is clear that most of the time the courts put a heavy burden on the dad in respect to equality. It is my belief that when you have two fit parents, the child benefits by having them both present and involved in their life equally. I have seen the bias demonizing the dad and giving credibility to out right lies and fabrication by the mother, simply because she is a woman. This has to change! Help me get the word out! The Final Order is never Final and the Order is never truly an Order, since it is rarely enforced

    Thank you to the good parents out there. Help me share this story to promote keeping the bond between a child/children with the mother and father strong and most of all loving! Love bears all things! Help me bring the “light” to this issue and illuminate the way for the family courts to see clearly beyond the lies, deception and alienation.

    Final Order Album Credits
    -Vocals by: Monica Ursino
    -Lyrics by: Monica Ursino
    -Featuring Jon Regul (Rap section: vocals/lyrics)
    -Produced/engineered/mixed/recorded by: Stompmachine
    -Guitars by: Dave Howard and Stompmachine
    -Mastered by: JP Masters
    -CD Design & concept by: MonLuca/recorded by: Stompmachine
    -Guitars by: Dave Howard and Stompmachine
    -Mastered by: JP Masters
    -CD Design & concept by: MonLuca

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    Final Order Lyrics

    My Dad was wrong he wasn’t strong

    He left us sad took all we had

    It hurt so much we missed his touch

    And now you want all kids to suffer giving rights to only mothers

    He wore his heart on his sleeve

    She set her sights out to deceive

    He thought he should give her a try

    She caught him with her tempting lies

    A child born this is all she had wanted

    He knew deep down that’s what she had plotted

    She left before he would ever catch on

    And suddenly his life was torn

    She left the place they once called home

    Birth records showed father unknown

    Court ordered times she did not keep

    Each call he made she claimed he was asleep

    When he saw him it was too late

    She changed his name changed his fate

    Memories of him she’d eradicate she’d fill his mind with blinding hate





    Don’t you know kids need a dad

    Your judgment so brutally bad

    It’s filled with ego it’s filled with pride

    You’ll never break the bonding love inside

    In court her lies were as clear as day

    And even though he had his say

    The mighty judge just sighed and yawned

    Though Mom was guilty she judged him wrong





    As a woman as a mother

    I honor the role of men as fathers

    Stop the torture stop this hate

    A child’s world is what’s at stake

    (Rap section)

    It’s what’s at stake…

    Come on now, you feel that
    A child left along not to know his real Dad
    What’s that, dam, that’s crap
    Judge makes a choice when we gave him hard facts
    Come on, not true, how’d they put that beside you
    Your insides are dark and I guess you defy truth
    I do, what needs to be did
    Just to prove to the system you were hiding my kids

    So, Ms. understand, you ain’t getting the best of me
    Flip turn the mirror let them notice the enemy
    Like a man won’t stand here and step to the plate
    But hun you ain’t lucky I ain’t walking away
    i Just fight injustice corruption in court
    Because it’s all messed up like Vegas and sports

    First they place custody in the unfit hands
    Cut off the hands of Dad with no faith in a man
    Not the land of the free what they want you to think
    Because they take away your freedom way before you can speak
    Still support from divorce for the kids and the wife
    But the court still extorts you and denies you your rights





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