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    In 2011, I was 22 years old when I found out I my second daughter was on the way, from my on again and off again girlfriend. Because of the nature of our relationship I did not believe that I was the father, so I took a paternity test to find out. The test proved that Brielle was my daughter. Immediately After, I did my best to be in my daughter’s life even though Ms. Coleman would not allow me to have Brielle around my 1st daughter, I believed that Ms. Coleman would have a change of heart and allow me to raise my children together. The more I tried to bring my family together the more Ms. Coleman kept Brielle away from me.

    Being young and having no knowledge of the law in regards to children and families, no one had ever told me that I had rights as a father; I believed I had no say, I did not have Brielle in my home so at times I stayed away from Ms. Coleman to keep the peace. I missed my daughter; She was so small in my arms, all I could think was soon I’ll get to watch her grow up.

    Even though we had obtained a court order, I really didn’t understand the terms that Ms. Coleman had put me under, no more that 2 hours every other Sunday; we hassled over that all day in mediation, The judge practically kicked us out the courtroom. I just recently realized the court order was really never completed. When I tried to get police assistance, they were unable to make any decision and did not want to get involved. They were no help at all.

    I had never done anything to hurt our child or any other child. I’ve made some mistakes in my past, I am by no means perfect and sometimes I had let my frustrations get the best of me when dealing with Ms. Coleman. Ultimately, I knew I had to work and make changes in my life to be able to support my children and make time to be a father. I had found a job, and worked until I was recently laid off. In that process, I matured and tried hard to do the right thing; I wish I knew then what I know now.

    I dealt with Ms. Coleman’s unfair demands just so I could see Brielle when I could, but the times where far and few in between. I was only allowed to be with Brielle as long as Ms. Coleman believed that I wanted a relationship with her, she said she loved me and she wanted us to be a family, but to Ms. Coleman that meant to stay away from my other family members; my first born and her mother.

    I did care for Ms. Coleman, but with her erratic behavior and irrational ideas of family, I did not see a future for us. My focus is on my children and their care.
    I tried to help Ms. Coleman’s in her home as much as possible, I also had responsibilities else where, Ms. Coleman would become belligerent when she knew that I was tending to my other child. Her unwillingness to agree to a fair parenting plan brought me to call DCFS. Ms. Coleman has made false accusations against me and continues to spread lies about my family and I in order to gain any type of sympathy.

    In 2013, Ms. Coleman learned that I had another child on the way with my girlfriend, now fiancé, she forbid me from taking Brielle anywhere near my girlfriend and our baby son, who just turned 1 this year, which ultimately led to Ms. Coleman denying any visits with Brielle, Ms. Coleman will run, hide and go through great lengths to keep me from our daughter but she will not show up for mediation or court dates. Brielle is now 2 years old, I continue to make attempts to see Brielle and I document everything; I take my mother; my uncle; my father and stepmother as witnesses when I make my attempts. I am currently working with legal aid and hoping to have a new court date soon to resolve this overdue matter in hopes to gain full custody of my child and unite Brielle with her siblings and her entire family. (With facebook and text messages I am able to show proof of my story). Court date is coming up on May 28th.

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      Richard Thomas

      Please support Illinois HB 5425, a shared parenting bill. This is the best chance we have of ensuring children have access to both good parents. If a judge determines that both parents are good and fit then they have the first 90 days of any divorce action to come to an agreed parenting plan. If one or both fail to agree, then the non-custodial parent would get the option of at least 35 percent minimum parenting time per week ordered to facilitate even bonding. The bill as strong bi-partisan sponsors, but needs your support to pass into law. I am a co-author of the bill. Richard Thomas, NurseRichardThomas@gmail.com

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