EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about Gus’ new victory!

Gus Wins! The California Supreme Court has upheld Jason’ victory in the Appellate Court!

On May 14th, Jason won a full reversal of the original judge’s erroneous decision from February 19, 2013 that denied him the right to go to trial and prove his parentage of Gus under a law barring parental rights to certain sperm donors that the appellate court unanimously ruled does not apply to biological fathers who establish a parental relationship with a child after the child is born, which in Jason’s case occurred with the consent and encouragement of the mother. Although it was a clear, convincing, and UNANIMOUS published opinion by the Court of Appeal, the Schreibers petitioned the California Supreme Court to overturn the ruling. Yet another effort to further keep Gus from his father.

This petition was swiftly,unanimously denied. After fighting for more than two years, in the courts and the legislature, Jason is finally granted the trial he was unfairly denied. He can now present all the evidence that shows he was a loving father to his son Gus from day one until he was wrongly taken away when Gus was three years old. It has been 76 weeks since Jason has seen his son, but the trial begins September 2nd, and GUS WILL SOON BE REUNITED WITH HIS FATHER!

Thank you all for prayers and support. This will be a big victory for us all in this struggle.

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