An Open Letter to My Child

Like many parents, I am unable to be physically present to tell my child how much he means to me.  Though we may be apart, he is forever in my thoughts. Gus deserves to know how much he is loved, so I am taking this time to write a short message to let him know his Dad cares so much about him and thinks of him all the time.

This is my open letter to Gus and to all children suffering the effects of parental alienation.

Since launching this campaign, I have heard so many upsetting stories from other parents who are forbidden from participating in their children’s lives.  It is absolutely heart-breaking.  I wish there was some way I could fix it so that no other innocent was kept from the loving arms of their Dad or Mom.

Sadly, that is not possible.  But what I can do is share my personal story, spot-lighting this divisive issue so that this fight can receive the attention it deserves and we can begin to reform our unfair parental laws.

There are many parents like me who will not be able to wake up with their little ones tomorrow morning; parents like me who cannot hug and kiss their babies.

Children who have been isolated from a father or mother due to their parents’ messy separation or vindictive custody battles may be learning the sad lesson that some relationships are not permanent.  For this very reason it is imperative that we parents continually provide our kids with devoted messages that demonstrate the unconditional nature of our love towards them.

What loving, hopeful message would you like to send to your child today?


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