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  1. ForTheChildren
    ForTheChildren says:

    Mr. Patric,

    At time stamp 2:15 in your video entitled “A Personal Message From Jason Patric” you mentioned having the goal to have available a legal resources in each state. Such a program already exists. I suggest your team make contact to propose a collaborative endeavor so as to possibly streamline achieving your goal.
    (580) 436-1234

    • Paul Chernoff
      Paul Chernoff says:

      Hello. My name is Paul Chernoff and I have been desperately seeking legal assistance for a non-cistodial father in a distant state to enforce the terms of a parenting plan that a vindictive ex chooses not to honor. I have not seen my nine year old son in over a year and cannot afford proper legal representation. If anyone can possibly help me please please contact me at 803-917-4245.
      Thank you.

      • andytechie
        andytechie says:

        I also am lookng for legal help…I am a sperm donor to twins, my ex was a egg donor receiver, and also a fertility doctor…She is suing me for childsupport but does not let me see the kids….what can I do?

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